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Careers in Mathematics

As a mathematical science students, i always wonder what will i be in the future... So nak share sikit kat awak-awak yg berminat nak amik bidang mathematic ni. Simple je kalau belajar dengan relax dan santai...

According to the Wall Street Journal:
Mathematician is considered the Best Job of All Jobs.
Mathematicians median annual income was pegged at $94,160.
The top 3 jobs on the list were:
1. Mathematician
2. Actuary
3. Statistician


cakap pasal career yang ada dan average salary kot. dan dia akan bagi satu-satu penerangan tentang career yang kita suka... Lagi best bila kita boleh download flyer pasal career yang kita suka tu <3 Very helpful...

contoh :

Low-end Salary: 
Median Salary: 
High-end Salary: 
Most computer scientist positions require a Ph.D. degree as their main job function is research. Computer scientists having only a bachelor’s or master’s degree are generally limited in their ability to advance.
College Algebra Trigonometry Calculus I, II, III Linear Algebra Ordinary Differential Equations Theory of Analysis Abstract Algebra Graph Theory Numerical Methods Combinatorics
Computer scientists use mathematics as they span a range of topics from theoretical studies of algorithms, which are a series of steps understood by someone or something in order to complete a task in a given number of steps, and the computation of implementing computing systems in hardware and software.
Many computer scientists are employed by Internet service providers; Web search portals; and data processing, hosting, and related services firms. Others work for government, manufacturers of computer and electronic products, insurance companies, financial institutions, and universities. A growing number of computer specialists are employed on a temporary or contract basis; many of these individuals are self-employed, working independently as contractors or consultants.
Computer scientist, Brent Seales, from the University of Kentucky used modern digital technology that allowed him to peer inside two of the fragile scrolls from the Mount Vesuvius explosion in 79 A.D. He did this without physically opening them in order to unlock the secrets they have held for almost 2,000 years.


yang ni banyak bagi psl information n knowledge.. ada jugak quiz career :) best boleh download poster about mathematics :) hew hew.

- What do mathematicians do all day?
- Who employs mathematicians?
- Bend it like Beckham
- Events, courses, and competitions
- Maths in a Box

Other site:

Selamat berbahagia :)


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